Dodecanese aristocracy

Patmos Island

Patmos Island

Patmos is an authentic Island of the Dodecanese, with a distinctive religious identity and particular architecture. The seductive «duchess of the Aegean», as often called by many, is widely known as the island of Revelation and consists one of the most important religious destinations of Christianity. Besides, as history often reveals, those who visit the Island once will surely come back.

Architecturally speaking, Patmos testifies a lot about its history. It was Italian-held, like all Dodecanese Islands, something that is easily distinguishable in the settlement of Skala (theoretically the center of the island). In Chora on the other hand, which is built underneath the imposing Monastery of St. John the Theologian, one may recognize Byzantine and medieval elements. What is noteworthy regarding Patmos is the fact that you sometimes think you are wandering on a Cycladic island. As you wander, you meet huge wooden doors with azure sills, sometimes hermetically closed and others, wide open. Fuchsia bougainvilleas embrace the narrow (and often dead-end) alleys, interrupting the tradition of all-white. A true labyrinth from which you can only escape through the deep blue of the sky or the sea. And every time you think you are lost again, these little roads lead to one of the countless churches, constantly reminding that you are wondering in one of Christianity’s greatest centers.

In Chora, apart from the Monastery which looks like a castle, you also notice the famous three wind mills of Patmos, the old mansion of Simantiri family and of course, the ruins of Emmanuel Xanthos house, a founding member of the historical Greek «Filiki Etaireia» (Society of Friends). There are, of course, other important sights on the island, such as the Monastery «Evangelismos» with nuns or the famous «Kalikatsou» (Petra), in Grikos. For nature lovers, there are several unorganized beaches, such as the hard-to-reach «Psili Ammos», the beaches «Didimes» (Gemini) etc. Finally, for the rest who appreciate comforts, the organized beach of Kampos, Agriolivado and the distinguished Grikos bay, have everything you need in order to enjoy carefree diving in the Aegean.