Divine Hotels Group

Our Team

Our Team

«Allotina» houses belong in Divine Hotels group, since 2017. Divine Hotels is a regional Greek group of hotels, which has been active since the 1960s in the Dodecanese area. The central philosophy of the group has always been to provide high quality hosting, gastronomical, beauty and fitness services, with an ability to constantly upgrade the quality of our guests' experience. Our partners are an ever-growing group of people that comprise a mixture of economic and social model of efficiency, characterized by specialization, team spirit, consistency, solidarity, creativity, ambition and initiative taking.

Quality is a primary characteristic of our services, combined with respect to the tradition and customs of every local community. With a strong sense of solidarity to our fellow men, we plan and wish to develop alternative forms of tourism that will effectively highlight the unique advantages of our area, while at the same time create new job opportunities. Our aim is to constitute contemporary cultural centers and to attract young scientists in order to further upgrade the quality of our services.

Board of directors

Julieta Vassiliou Pouliou

Members of board
Nikolaos Pouliou - Vice President & Chief Executive Officer Divine Hotels
Dimitra Maria Vassiliou - Pouliou
Dione Alcestis Vassiliou - Pouliou

Michael Hatzistergos - General Director & Chief Financial Officer Divine Hotels
Christos Patakos - General Director Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa
Iosif Chatzimichail - Web Development
Katerina Kantarzi - Marketing, Public Relations & Communication Divine Hotels

External affiliations:
John Kyritsis - Sales Manager (AXIA Hospitality)
John Papadimitriou - Marketing & Sales consultant
Vasilios Vogatzas- Quality assurance